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Mid and South Essex Success Regime

Essex Success Regime

Mid and South Essex STP has been published today (23 November 2016) 

The Mid and South Essex Success Regime has published a “sustainability and transformation plan” (STP),
which proposes radical changes in health and care over the next five years.

The plan is not yet final. People are invited to have their say over the next few months before the plan is
finalised in 2017. Any proposed major service changes are subject to further national checks and formal
public consultation in 2017 before any final decision.

The STP and a summary version is now available on the Success Regime website at:


In summary, the plan is to:

  • •Do more to help people stay well for longer
  • Join services together – physical and mental health, hospital, community and social care - to provide more
    care closer to people and help people avoid having to go to hospital 
  • Redesign the three main hospitals in mid and south Essex to meet rising demands with the right number of
    doctors and nurses. By working together as a group, the three hospitals in Basildon, Chelmsford and
    Southend could provide some of the best quality emergency and specialist care in the country.