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Organisational Structure

The Trust’s Board of Directors consists of the following executive director posts:

  • Chief Executive

  • Chief Medical Officer

  • Chief Nurse

  • Director of Strategy & Corporate Services

  • Director of Operations

  • Chief Finance Officer


In addition, the board comprises a Chairman and five Non-Executive Directors; these are supported by the Trust Board Secretary.

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It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to:

  • Establish the vision and direction of the Trust

  • Lead on the strategic development of the Trust

  • Ensure the Trust remains financially stable

  • Appropriately delegate day to day management of operational functions to the executive team

  • Lead the organisation

  • Ensure compliance with the Trust’ s standing orders and instructions

  • Establish the organisation’s values and standards of conduct

  • Be accountable to the patients, the local community and stakeholders through the governance structures set up by the Trust.

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