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May 21

Non-emergency orthopaedic surgery set to be performed at Braintree Community Hospital

Non-emergency orthopaedic surgery is set to be performed at Braintree Community Hospital (BCH) from Monday, June 4.

The orthopaedic department will be transferring some of the services that are currently provided at Broomfield Hospital to BCH, where safe and appropriate to do so.

Every year, the trust has to delay a number of our non-emergency operations due to the demand placed upon our beds from patients requiring an emergency admission. Transferring some of our non-emergency orthopaedic surgery to Braintree provides us with an excellent opportunity to offer a service that will not be impacted by A&E pressures and allows us to provide a more responsive, efficient and effective service for the community that we serve.

The initial phase will involve carrying out orthopaedic procedures for patients who have experienced extended waiting times, in particular for hip and knee surgery. 

For the first phase of the transference of services, 16 beds will be allocated to orthopaedic patients. The theatre list will commence with two operations per day, increasing once the service is embedded and there will also be a two-week period in July where the focus will be on performing day case operations.

Clare Panniker, Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are committed to providing high quality, safe and effective care and the need to delay surgery for some of our patients awaiting surgery in the past has been far from ideal. Offering some of these patients the opportunity to have their procedures carried out at BCH offers a real improvement in patient experience and patient outcomes.”