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Nishi Randive Presentation
Nishi and her parents with Professor Sheila Salmon (far right), James O'Sullivan (second from left) and the Head and Neck Cancer Services Team.

August 11

Daughter of two Consultant Anaesthetists at Broomfield Hospital presents cheque for more than £2,500 to the Head and Neck Cancer Service following “miraculous journey” 

Nishi Randive, the ten-year-old daughter of two Consultant Anaesthetists at Broomfield Hospital, has presented a cheque for more than £2,500 to the Head and Neck Cancer Service raised through her epic cross-continental road trip.

Together with her grandparents, Nishi embarked on a 13,000-mile adventure from Mumbai to London across 18 countries, more than 100 cities and through eight time zones, taking 72 days. 

Nishi, whose parents are Seema and Nilesh Randive, was inspired to help fundraise for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from head and neck cancer after speaking with her dad about his and his colleagues’ work at the hospital. The proceeds that she has raised through sponsorship will go towards funding resources that help in improving patients’ quality of life post-treatment. 

Nishi and her family attended Broomfield Hospital on Monday, August 6, to present the cheque to the Head and Neck Cancer Service. They were joined by Professor Sheila Salmon, Trust Chairman, and James O’Sullivan, Chief Financial Officer at MEHT, BTUH and SUH Trusts.

She said: “The miraculous journey that finally began on March 24, 2017 has come to an end. It was a mixture of decent days, gloomy days, exultant days, tedious days and exhilarating days - days of up to 18 hours on the road or days of just four hours of driving and loads of sightseeing.

“My most exciting day was the day when I got stuck on a zip-wire with a 3000 foot drop in India, and my most monotonous day was sitting in the car with nothing to see but the numerous sandy plains in Kazakhstan.

“In all, it was a magnificent trip which has given me an overwhelming experience – as they call it – a once in a lifetime experience! 

“I have managed to raise £2,863.07 and I am really pleased with this amount. I am sure this will help a lot of patients in a lot of ways to make them feel better. I feel blessed that I have got this chance to make a difference in people’s lives. I would like to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who donated.”

INFORMATION: You can read Nishi’s travel blogs on Ninni.smritiweb.com.