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Helideck crew 3

Helideck crew lands new members

The Helideck team have recruited three new volunteers to boost the vital service.

New patient clothing - volunteer Maureen Ball 21-3-19

Patient clothing gets a makeover

Thanks to a partnership between the hospital, Chelmsford CVS and Chelmsford City Council, £3,000 has been spent on increasing and improving our clothing stock. 

Julie Godfrey - British Journal of Nursing award

Nurse Julie Godfrey wins national BJN award 

Julie Godfrey triumphed at the British Journal of Nursing Awards as she was crowned Vascular Access Nurse of the Year.

David Jackson and Billy Jarvis - Coffee cups

New sustainable coffee cups launched 

Sustainability have teamed up with Fontanella and Costa to launch reusable coffee cups that will save staff money and help the environment.

Facial Palsy awareness week

Surgeon Kallirroi Tzafetta on pioneering work for patients with facial paralysis

This week is Facial Palsy Awareness Week. It’s a condition that affects two to three people in 10,000 annually and the St Andrew’s Centre at Broomfield Hospital is one of only five places in the country to offer specialist treatment.

Red Bag scheme relaunched

Red Bag relaunch

The Red Bag scheme for care home residents has been relaunched.

The bags contain the residents’ personal items and medical information to ease their journey through the hospital system and aid their discharge.