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6 March 2019

Red Bag relaunch

Red Bag scheme relaunched
Red Bag scheme relaunched

The Red Bag scheme for care home residents has been relaunched.

The bags contain the residents’ personal items and medical information to ease their journey through the hospital system and aid their discharge.

The initiative was launched in November 2018, but MEHT trusted assessor Cathy Higgins decided to give the scheme a boost after an audit revealed the bags weren’t being used properly and not all staff were aware of them.

It is hoped the red bags will reduce delays in care and aid communication between care homes and the hospital.

Cathy explains: “The bag is packed with personal belongings and paperwork which shows the patient’s baseline, how they normally walk, what they eat and drink, when they last saw their GP, why they’re coming in and their discharge clothes, hearing aids or glasses.

“It follows the patient the whole way through the hospital and on their day of discharge, their discharge summary and whatever paperwork is relevant for going home will be packed into the bag. It’s a dignified discharge. 

“Medications are also put in the bag and so when the patient gets back home, the care staff will know what’s happened to their resident, if they’re on antibiotics and what the situation is with their medication.”