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Media Enquiries

About the Press Office

Contacting the Press Office at Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

Niki Eves | Head of Communications 

Mon-Fri: 01245 516274 
Mobile: TBC
Email: niki.eves@meht.nhs.uk   

Ian Lucking | Communications Manager

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust
Trust HQ | Broomfield Court | Broomfield Hospital
Mon-Fri: 01245 516729
Mobile: 07775 777947
Email: ian.lucking@meht.nhs.uk

Out of Hours: 07775 777947

Tom Canty | Communications Officer 

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust 
Trust HQ | Broomfield Court | Broomfield Hospital 
Mon-Fri: 01245 514460
Mobile: TBC
Email: Thomas.Canty@meht.nhs.uk

For any other query, please email communications@meht.nhs.uk.


Condition checks

'Condition checks' will only be given out if you have the name of the individual patient concerned, with the correct spelling.

Please do not contact the wards direct.

Only a brief indication of the progress of the patient will be given such as, the patient is 'satisfactory' or 'stable' or 'critically ill'.

Patient confidentiality

We place great emphasis on the need for the strictest confidentiality in respect of our patients. We will not divulge any information about a patient unless we are given permission from the individual or their next of kin. All requests for interviewing/photographing patients must be made through the Communications team.

Press releases and news stories

All our latest news and press releases are available on our website (please click here to go to Latest News).

Arranging interviews with Trust staff

Under no circumstances may interviews, filming or photography be carried out on or around our hospital sites without the express permission of the Communications team.

If you carry out any filming or photographing without permission, our security team will request that you leave the site. If you need further information on any news stories, or would like to arrange an interview, please contact the Communications Office on the numbers above.

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust sites:


Major Incidents

Should a major incident occur, the Trust has a contingency plan that includes arrangements for the media.

A Press Centre will be established at the hospital. This will be set up for press conferences, and will be equipped with telephone lines, working space, and facilities for tea and coffee making. Journalists will be given regular updates on the situation, and the opportunity for interviews.

Depending on the type of incident, we will decide at the time on the best vantage point for photographs and filming.