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18-24 Year Olds


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Why is there a need for 18 – 24 year olds to have support?


Transitions are difficult for everybody, starting college, work or university can be a nervy time – what will the other people be like, what should I wear, who do I ask for help without looking foolish and so on.

It is also a time when our social networks grow a lot bigger, we move from the schools we have known for the past few years (not always a bad thing), we travel further than our local towns and meet many new people for the first time.

If we have a burn injury this can bring up questions again, some we may be comfortable with others may make us reflect more intensely on the injury or experience –what ways are there to deal with this?

This is why being able to extend a support network for a few more years can be very beneficial for those that want to engage with it.

At this age the young people will be making decisions about their treatment; if it is still applicable, the pros and cons of any further surgery as they are now finishing growing.

During these years it is also often the time that young people may be entering into long term relationships for the first time; for some people this again can be a topic they want further support about with regard to their scars.

It may also be a time when people are looking for their own independence and identity and would like to discuss further about things such as camouflage make up and hair possibilities or semi permanent tattooing. Discussing these with other young people sharing similar experiences at similar times in their lives can be of significant benefit

We will also be looking for some members of this group to train as volunteers to help run workshops, support activities for young people or as chaperones on the residential camp.

Not only is this a great way to help others but it will develop many leadership, confidence, problem solving and social skills that employers will look for.