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Where your money goes

The allocation of funds given to Our Charity is led by donor intention. Many of our supporters donate to specific wards or departments by way of thanks for the care given and the money is used for equipment, patient amenities and other items which are over and above government funding.

In addition, Our Charity has delivered some fantastic projects to benefit the hospital as a whole, including the renovation of the bereavement suite, the construction and landscaping of a dementia-friendly garden, and funding the free Wi-fi service which is available to everyone on the hospital site, patients or visitors.

Bouygues dementia donation 30/01/2018
Over £1000 donated by Bouygues UK

Bouygues UK donated more than £1,000 to the dementia team at Broomfield Hospital on January 30, 2018.

 'Our Charity' works closely with its supporters and medical staff to ensure that the money raised is spent efficiently and effectively. 

The money raised by Bouygues is being used to provide the wards of Broomfield Hospital with dementia-friendly clocks. 

Sarah Donachie eye gaze fundraising
Family raises more than £32,000 for equipment to help ‘locked in’ patients to communicate

The Donachie family raised more the £32,000 for the General Intensive Care Unit (GICU) after the sad loss of a family member. 

The GICU team were able to purchase a second eye gaze tracker, three iPads, a special reclining chair for patients, and other rehabilitation equipment.