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Friends and Family Test

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Before being discharged we ask all of our adult Inpatients and adult patients that have visited A&E to complete the Friends and Family survey.

We ask all patients on discharge the following question:


"How likely are you to recommend this ward / A&E Department to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?"


The Friends and Family test (FFT) is a patient based survey using the question ‘How likely is it that you would recommend this service to friends or family?’.  Patients are given a choice of 5 answers from ‘Extremely Likely’ through to ‘Extremely Unlikely’.  The proportion of positive responses minus the proportion of negative responses gives the score.  Responses of ‘Likely’ do not count as positive as they imply that the patient didn’t have the ‘best’ experience.  Patients can also answer the question with ‘Don’t Know’ and this counts as a negative response.”

All feedback is confidential.

All scores are monitored closely by the Trust board and patient experience groups to ensure the Trust listens to all patient feedback.

Please click on the link named Friends and Family Test - Ward Report in the left hand column to view individual ward or A&E Department scores.

These results are updated on a monthly basis. If you have any questions or queries regarding this information please contact communications@meht.nhs.uk

This Month's Friends and Family Survey Inpatient score for the Trust is...


The above score is the Trustwide score for the adult inpatient wards and daycases combined.

This score is calculated by the % of total patients who responded who gave a positive (Extremely Likely or Likely) response.

There is also now an alternative version of the survey that allows dementia and learning difficulties patients the opportunity to answer questions and response with either yes or no answers.

Your Opinion Counts 

To find out our latest reports from Patient Opinion or to leave a Comment yourself Please click on the link below.

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