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Children's Burns Ward - E225

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Contact details : 01245 516973 / 01245 516974

Ward Sister : Sue Boasman

Visiting times- parents are encouraged to stay with their child on the ward, and can visit at any time.Other visitors are welcome between 10am and 8 pm, with the permission of the child and parents. A maximum of 4 visitors at a time.We advise that children under 1 year do not visit (other than siblings) due to infection risk.We ask that on the day of surgery, or when a child is particularly unwell, visiting is resticted to parents only.

"Welcome to the Children's Burn Ward. We are a small ward with 8 beds, caring for children with burn injuries or significant skin loss.  We have a friendly team of nurses, nursery nurses and play specialists who support the children and their families throughout their hospital stay and outpatient care".

Please do not bring hot drinks onto the ward.