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Meet the Research and Development team

  • Bruce Philp, R&D Co-Director
  • Tracey Camburn, R&D Co-Director
  • Lauren Perkins, R&D Innovation Manager
  • Melanie Boxall, HRRC Manager  
  • Victoria Apps, Research Nurse
  • Mandy Austin, R&D Co-ordinator
  • Christian Barnett, Clinical Trials Support Manager
  • Carole Bartlett, Primary Care Research Nurse
  • Christine Catley, Senior Renal Research Nurse
  • Jenny Child, Lab and Research Assistant
  • Karen Cranmer, Burns and Plastics Research Co-ordinator
  • Jenny Dash, Research Mid-wife
  • Lizzie Dawson, Research Nurse
  • Beth Farr, Data Co-ordinator
  • Natalie Fox, Burns and Plastics Research Nurse
  • Helen Gerrish, Senior Burns and Plastics Research Nurse
  • Sian Gibson, Senior Oncology Research Nurse
  • Jackie Gunn, Clinical Trials Admin Assistant
  • Kim Holland, Research Nurse
  • Joe Howes, Clinical Trials Assistant
  • Lorri James, Research Nurse
  • Carol Keel, Senior Primary Care Research Nurse
  • Yvonne Lester, Senior Oncology Research Nurse
  • Mandy Lyle, Research Nurse
  • Fiona McNeela, Clinical Trials Research Nurse
  • Lucy Peppiatt, Primary Care Research Nurse
  • Sharon Reid, Research Nurse
  • Paul Roberts, Research Project Manager 
  • Hollie Robinson-Perry, Research Mid-wife
  • Bryan Singizi, Oncology Research Nurse
  • Lauren Shillito, Clinical Research Co-ordinator
  • Sue Smolen, Senior Research Nurse
  • Jo Topliffe, Research Nurse 
  • Sandeep Virdee, Primary Care Research Assistant
  • Liz Weight, Primary Care Research Nurse
  • Amon Wijunamai, Oncology Research Nurse
  • Sarah Williams, Research Nurse
  • Lucy Willsher, IV Therapy Research Nurse
  • Jo Wootton, IV Therapy Research Nurse