Breast Cancer Studies


Study area: Breast Cancer

Aim: A mammographic surveillance study. This study is seeking to find the optimum frequency and duration of follow-up mammograms. Trial patients will be randomised into annual versus 2 yearly mammograms for conservation surgery patients; annual versus 3 yearly for mastectomy patients. All women will be followed for 9 years post-surgery.

Who can participate: Women who were diagnosed with Breast Cancer aged 50 or older. Patients should have been diagnosed 3 years previously.


OPTIMA, Optimal Personalised Treatment of early breast cancer using Multi-parameter Analysis

Study area = Breast cancer

Aim = Chemotherapy and hormone treatment are currently offered to many people as part of their breast cancer treatment.  This is to reduce the chance of the cancer coming back.  Recent research indicates that some people with the type of breast cancer you had may not benefit from chemotherapy, and would do just as well with hormone treatment alone.  The aim of this study is to investigate whether a personalised decision about chemotherapy using these new tests can be made safely and effectively. 

Who can participate = We are asking people with breast cancer who would usually receive both chemotherapy and hormone treatment to take part.  This means people with cancers three centimetres or larger, or with cancer which has spread to the lymph nodes. We especially want to study people who usually get chemotherapy because the cancer has spread to lymph nodes or who have larger tumours.  

Monarche, Phase 3 Study of Abemaciclib in Breast Cancer

Study area = Breast cancer

Aim = This study has been designed to find out if the study drug abemaciclib (also known as LY2835219) in combination with standard of care adjuvant endocrine therapy can help male and female patients who have been diagnosed with early stage HR+, HER2- breast cancer who are at high risk of disease recurrence, when compared with endocrine therapy alone.

Who can participate = Men and women over 18 years of age, who have had surgical treatment for confirmed HR+, HER2- early stage resected invasive breast cancer with no evidence of distant metastases.

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