Breast Cancer Studies


Study area: Breast Cancer

Aim: A Phase II Double Blind, Randomised, Placebo-Controlled Study of the AKT inhibitor AZD5363 in combination with Paclitaxel in Triple Negative Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer. Patients will be randomised to either receive AZD5363 or placebo alongside weekly paclitaxel chemotherapy. It is thought from prior research that adding AZD5363 will increase the anti-tumour activity of paclitaxel chemotherapy in TNBC.

Chemotherapy continues for between 6 to 8 cycles, depending on tolerability. Each cycle lasts 28 days. Patients can continue on the AZD5363 or placebo tablets for as long as their disease is responding to treatment.

Who can participate: Patients must have Triple negative metastatic or locally recurrent disease which has not been previously treated in the advanced setting.



Study area: Breast Cancer

Aim: A mammographic surveillance study. This study is seeking to find the optimum frequency and duration of follow-up mammograms. Trial patients will be randomised into annual versus 2 yearly mammograms for conservation surgery patients; annual versus 3 yearly for mastectomy patients. All women will be followed for 9 years post-surgery.

Who can participate: Women who were diagnosed with Breast Cancer aged 50 or older. Patients should have been diagnosed 3 years previously.


Bridging the Age Gap

Study area: Breast Cancer

Aim: A study which looks at the treatment offered to ladies who are diagnosed with breast cancer at age 70 or more. Which type of surgery they have. Who is offered primary hormone therapy? How many ladies have chemotherapy? Patients complete questionnaires regarding their Quality of Life.

The study aims to show what is actually happening in centres around the UK.

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