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St Andrews - Laser Service

St Andrew's Centre is able to offer laser treatments for the following conditions:


Pulsed dye laser

  1. Port Wine Stain

  2. Rosacea

  3. Haemangioma/ Angioma

  4. Vascular Malformation

  5. Psoriasis

  6. Vascular scars

  7. Facial/ Nasal Telangiectasia

  8. Solar/Age spots (face and hands)

Long pulse / Q switched ruby laser

  1. Facial hirsutism

  2. Pigmented lesions

  3. Tattoo removal

CO2 laser

  1. Rhinophyma

  2. Skin resurfacng

  3. Other skin ablative surgery


Most treatments are NHS funded but some private packages are available.


Patients can be referred to:

Mr Bruce Philp MA BMBch FRCS (plastics)
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Broomfield Hospital
Court Road

Chelmsford CM1 7ET

For more Information : 

Email : Laser.Service@meht.nhs.uk

Telephone : 01245 515027