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Opportunities and How to Apply



Here at Mid Essex Hospital Services, We pride ourselves on being one of the biggest employers in the Essex region. We currently have around 5000 members of staff working for the trust and are always on the look out for new employees that will develop and become an integral part of our Trust.

There are many different Opportunities available and ways you can join the trust. To find Opportunities at Mid Essex Hospitals please click on the links below :


How to Apply

Stage One – submitting your completed application

In all cases, applicants will be required to fully complete an on-line application form on http://jobs.meht.nhs.uk/

Included in the on-line application pack are the following documents; 

1) Job Description:  The job description contains details about the duties that you will be expected to undertake in the role.

2) Person Specification: The Person Specification identifies the criteria which are required to carry out the post you are applying for.  In addition it tells you whether those criteria are essential or desirable and at what stage each criteria will be assessed by the selection panel.  E.g. “A” on application at the shortlisting stage, “I” at interview stage, “AC” a test may be set as part of the selection process.  The assessment could occur in a mixture of the methods e.g. "A I" means that at BOTH the application form at shortlisting and at the interview stage the criteria will be assessed.  The person specification is used when carrying out the shortlisting for the post. 

3) Application Form:  Provides us with all the information required about your skills, qualifications, career history and reasons for applying.  Part A of the application form provides confidential information that is not disclosed to the shortlisting panel. 

Completing the application form: The application form includes the following sections. All sections must be completed to the best of the candidate’s ability. 

All Applicants including internal staff should fill out each part the form as fully as possible.

It is important that you address ALL the points on the Person Specification identified to be assessed from your application form at shortlisting stage.

For each of the criteria identified in the Person Specification you need to explain how your knowledge, skills and experience meet the requirements of the post.  This can be carried out by giving evidence and examples of these points in the ‘Reasons for Applying/Supporting Information’ section, additional sheets can be attached if necessary.  Failure to address all the essential elements of the Person Specification in this Section of the Application Form will lead to you not being shortlisted for interview.

Remember you can provide evidence from outside of the working environment if it is relevant.

The information contained in your application form is matched against the relevant criteria contained in the Person Specification for the post.  This process is called shortlisting.  Please note we can only carry out the shortlisting on what is clearly stated on the form, we cannot make any assumptions.

If the Person Specification states that the post requires professional registration (e.g. NMC, GMC, HPC etc.), please ensure that you clearly state on your application that you possess the required registration, along with your registration number.  If you do not, your application form will not be sent for shortlisting.

CV’s may not be submitted and will not be considered for shortlisting.

Closing Dates for applications are usually set well in advance to enable applicants’ time to prepare and submit their application. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their application is received in time. Those applicants who wait until the actual Closing Date for submission do so at their risk because, IN NO CIRCUMSTANCES will late applications be accepted. 

Please note that it is important that you complete Part A of the Application Form and declare whether there is a requirement for you to have a work permit, any failure to do so will invalidate your application. 

Stage Two – what happens after your application is received 

1) Shortlisting – The application form will be assessed against the relevant criteria stated in the Person Specification.  If you do not meet all of the essential criteria you cannot be shortlisted for interview.    Where there are a lot of applicants who meet all of the essential criteria the desirable criteria will also be considered in deciding who will be invited to interview.

2) Guaranteed Interview Scheme – Applicants with a disability, who meet the minimum criteria for the job they are applying for, will be guaranteed an interview under this arrangement.  Suitable candidates must indicate on part A of the on-line application form that they wish their application to be considered under the scheme.

3) Invitation to Interview - If you are shortlisted a member of the HR Service Centre Team will contact you by email normally at least one week prior to the interview date. You will be informed of any additional requirements at this time e.g. Typing test, presentation subject etc.

4) Special requirements - If you have been invited for interview and have special requirements because, for example, of a disability, please contact the HR Service Centre beforehand to discuss or to make any alternative arrangements relating to access to the interview venue or other necessary requirements.