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Supplier – Invoicing Instructions

Guidelines for submitting invoices to the Trust

Submitting invoices by post

Please use the following postal address when sending invoices (the only exceptions are invoices for orders raised within the Pharmacy Department – please continue to send directly to the Pharmacy Department)

Mid Essex Hospital Services
PO Box 7810
NN17 9HF

Please note that this address accepts paperwork only and does not accept packages or any other items.

To ensure your invoices are received and processed in a timely manner please adhere to the following:

  • Note that this address accepts invoices only. Please continue to send any other paperwork to the destination you usually use; 

  • To ensure we are able to process your invoices efficiently, please also include the relevant purchase order number / staff booking reference number.  In the absence of a valid purchase order number / staff booking reference number the invoice will be rejected and payment delayed. Only in exceptional circumstances will an invoice be accepted without a purchase order;

  • The Trust does not issue cheques as all payments are made by BACS. New suppliers must provide bank account details so payment can be made. This must include bank account number, sort code and account name. Without these details payment cannot be made.


Submitting invoices by email

If you would prefer to submit your invoices by email then please attach only one invoice per email and send it to Apinvoices.meht.asp@serco.com 

Guidelines for querying invoices to the Trust

Submitting queries by email 

When submitting your enquiry please include include your company name and invoice number. This will allow us to find your invoice in the system more quickly.

Please submit the enquiry to the email: Apqueries.meht.asp@serco.com  

Telephone queries

Helpdesk number: 0844 8940143