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CQC inspection report - November 2019

Summary - click here to download the report | read our press release

The inspection team recognised the fantastic effort put in by staff, turning an
increased number of our services to a 'Good' rating in this report.

They found many examples of outstanding practice visiting the different services,
and reported that patients right across the hospital were treated with compassion
and kindness.

The report showed many positives, highlighting the care and compassion given by staff to our patients

Four out of our six core services inspected were rated as good

Staff understand the vision and values and feel respected, valued and supported

We are rated as good for caring in all our services

Their were examples of outstanding practice in medical care, surgery, maternity and gynaecology.

CQC ratings
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Four core services were rated good (medical care, maternity, gynaecology and outpatients), two requiring improvement (urgent care and surgery)

Not all staff had completed mandatory training

Staff in some areas were not completing risk assessments in line with national guidance

There were nursing and medical staff shortages across all core services

Some premises highlighted as a risk of not keeping people safe

Staff controlled infection prevention well

Most core services had good medicines management

Incidents were reported, investigated and lessons shared amongst core services.

CQC comment 01
CQC comment 02


All our core services were rated as good

Staff provided care and treatment in line with national guidance

Patients received the right food and drink, supporting their dietary and religious needs

Patients checked regularly for pain relief

Care and treatment closely monitored and improvements made

Not all staff had annual appraisal.


All our core services were rated as good

Patients were treated with kindness and compassion with their privacy and dignity respected

Patients were also involved in their care, taking into account their individual needs.

CQC comment 03


Five of our core services were rated as good, with one requiring improvement

Leaders and managers had right skills, knowledge and experience for their job

Fully effective governance processes with regular staff input. Risks and issues quickly acted on

Our Executive team and managers were very visible to staff

Staff felt respected, valued and supported by the senior leadership team

Culture had improved throughout the Trust.


Five of our core services were rated as requiring improvement, with one being rated good

Our waiting times in urgent and emergency care below national average

There were delays for cancer patients in the 18 week and 62 day reporting

Complaints process not always completed in line with Trust policy

Patient needs were taken into account with good co-ordinated care with other services and providers

Easy for people to raise concerns and give feedback.

Overview - CQC comments 

"We found areas of outstanding practice in medical care, surgery, maternity and gynaecology.

"We were pleased that improvements had been made in some areas, particularly in medical care which we rated Good this time from the previous rating of Inadequate.

"Staff felt respected, supported and valued.
They were focused on the needs of patients receiving care."