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Equality and Diversity

Welcome to Mid Essex Hospital Services Trust Equality and Diversity information pages

This part of the website is reviewed as needed, so that we can provide people with up to date information about the Trust’ s equality and diversity plans and actions.

These plans and actions will provide detail on how the Trust is meeting all legislative requirements and how it is consulting and staff, patients and communities.  Some current examples of good practice are:

  • Providing all staff with diversity awareness at induction – so the needs of different people can be recognised, valued and supported. 

  • There is a hospital-wide equality and diversity steering group that meets bi-monthly and identifies issues and advises on changes.

  • The equality and diversity steering group includes a number of staff who have direct contactwith patients, eg nursing specialists for elderly patients, people with cognitive impairment and people with learning disabilities.  The group is chaired by an executive lead. 

  • In December 2015, a conference on equality and diversity was hosted by Mid-Essex Hospital with over 100 people attending from across Essex and beyond, from patient representatives to trust chief executives.  Key speakers included Roger Kline (NHS England WRES leader), Paul Deemer (Head of Equality and Diversity, NHS Employers) and Jagtar Singh (Chair – Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust).  

  • Public duty requirements are being met and the NHS England’s EDS (Equality Delivery System) is in use to help report and direct activities to build inclusion.  The Trust has also recently commenced updating the NHS England Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) in line with requirements.

  • The Board recently received a full briefing on EDS and WRES. 


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