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Equality Impact Assessment and Inclusion Audit

This section of our equality and diversity pages contains information about equality impact assessments (EIAs) carried-out by the Trust in the past.  In 2012, the Trust adopted a model approach to equality analysis, as an alternative to the process-driven approach to EIAs in the past.  The service delivery of key departments will be ‘audited' to assess the existence of any actual or potential barriers for services users and staff according to equality characteristics.  Results of these audits will appear here. In the light of new demographic information, workshops for key staff were held across the Trust in 2014. 

Historically, we revised our approach to EIAs and introduced simplified EIA assessment templates that had been piloted within the Trust in the second half of 2009.  We also introduced targeted EIA training at that time, with four EIA workshops being run at that time.  Details of the training, the EIA assessment template and examples of recent EIAs using the template - are shown below.  Further EIA assessments were placed here as they were produced.
The Trust's equality and diversity steering group oversees this process and will be helping ensure that positive outcomes arise from EIAs and that changes made within the trust are beneficial to staff and service users from all parts of the community.