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Patient Council

The Patient Council is a valuable resource serving the needs of the Trust and the needs of Patients and Carers across the Trust.

At any one time the Council has 15-20 Members, we are all unpaid Volunteers with a wide range of career backgrounds each with our own experiences of  services provided by the Trust.

In support of the Council we have Associate Members, their role it is to gather feedback from as many user's of the Trust's services as possible from within the Hospital and from the wider community.

All Members of the Council work closely with a wide range of Trust Employees at all levels, we strive to ensure that the quality of service delivered by the Trust is the best it can be at all points along the Patient journey.

We regularly undertake Patient surveys to gather feedback ''Good or Bad'' this is done via ward visits where we talk to Patients about their experience and listening events where we target specific areas ie; Accident and Emergency and Outpatients. This information is then collated and used to highlight areas of concern as well as spotlighting good service, the Trust then use this as a measure of ''Service Delivered'' and its impact on Patient Care.

We hold regular monthly meetings to discuss on-going activities and future plans, these meetings are attended by members of the Trust who keep the Council up to date with operational issues, future plans and provide detailed feedback in response to issues highlighted by the Council.

We have no direct role in resolving individual queries or complaints, this is the responsibility of the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

However, the Council receives a quarterly report from PALS which is discussed at Council meetings to put a patient point of view on any systemic weakness that may or may not be perceived. We are, however, keen to hear general views of the services provided by the Trust.

We welcome new members either as a Council Member or in our new role of Associate Member, all appointments are subject to interview by the Council Chairman, all applications will be subject to DBS checks.

You don't need any special skills, all you need is a desire to make a difference and a willingness to give up some of your time.

If you would like to apply or would like more information with regard to the Council please send you details to;

Email: meht.council@gmail.com 

Alternatively call the Patient Experience Team on 01245 516194.

Become a Member...

We are currently looking for new members.  Whilst anyone is welcome to join us, subject to an interview and the usual checks, we are especially keen to have more working age and parents join us.  Previous experience of committee work is definitely not a requirement, but a desire to help across a range of subjects is.

If you feel you have the interest and enthusiasm across a range of subjects, then please email:


Meet the Members...

Here you can see who are the current members off the patient council. Click the link below to see :

Meet the Members