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Meet the Trust's Leadership Team

Joint Working Board (JWB) 

As part of the new governance arrangements between Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals Trust (BTUH), Mid Essex Hospitals Trust (MEHT) and Southend University Hospitals Trust (SUHT) a Joint Working Board (JWB) has been established. 

The JWB is made up of a committee of each of the three Trusts to which responsibilities have been delegated by each Trust Board. 

The JWB does not replace the three Trust Boards who remain ultimately accountable for the performance of each organisation. 

The JWB has been formed to provide an opportunity for members of each Trust Board to work together to undertake strategic planning and make decisions about the delivery of high quality care across all three Trusts. 

This is essential if we are to redesign services across Mid and South Essex. The JWB will become the focus for the majority of board-level decision making for the three Trusts, while remaining fully accountable to the Trust Boards.

Clare Panniker

Clare Panniker

Chief Executive

Colin Grannell - Non-executive director, MEHT

Colin Grannell

Non-Executive Director, MEHT

John Govett - NED and Senior Independent Director, BTUH

John Govett

Non-Executive Director and Senior Independent Director, BTUH

Danny Hariram - Group Director of People Strategy and Organisational Development

Danny Hariram

Chief People & Organisational Development Director

Alan Tobias OBE - Chairman, SUHT

Alan Tobias OBE

Chairman, MEHT and SUHT

Tony Le Masurier - Non-executive director, SUHT

Tony Le Masurier

Non-Executive Director, SUHT

Tom Abell - Chief transformation Officer

Tom Abell

Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Transformation Officer

James O’Sullivan - Chief financial officer

James O’Sullivan 

Chief Financial Officer

Nigel Beverley - Chairman, BTUH

Nigel Beverley

Chairman, BTUH

Gabrielle Rydings - Non-executive director, SUHT

Gabrielle Rydings

Non-Executive Director, SUHT

Diane Sarkar - Chief nursing officer

Diane Sarkar

Chief Nursing Officer

Martin Callingham - Chief information officer

Martin Callingham

Chief Information Officer

Elaine Maxwell - NED, BTUH

Elaine Maxwell

Non-Executive Director, BTUH

Celia Skinner - Chief medical officer

Celia Skinner

Chief Medical Officer

Eamon Malone - Chief Estates and Facilities Director

Eamon Malone

Chief Estates and Facilities Director

Jonathan Dunk - Chief Commercial Officer

Jonathan Dunk 

Chief Commercial Officer

JWB Meetings

The inaugural meeting in public of the Joint Working Board was held at 2.00pm on Wednesday 1st February 2017 in Rooms B2/B3, Education Centre Basildon Hospital, Nethermayne, Basildon, Essex SS16 5NL.