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Vision and Strategy

Mid Essex Hospital Trust Strategy: The Next Five Years – Time to Review

Our Trusts’s strategy was developed in 2011 and it is now time to review and update it for the next five years.  This is very timely as NHS England published in October 2014 the “Five Year Forward View”, a new strategic framework within which the NHS will operate and develop in the future.  The framework brings in noteworthy considerations with the opportunity for new partnerships, new models of care, a fresh focus on prevention and support for healthier lifestyles.

Since our own strategy was developed there have been many important changes in healthcare and the needs of the population we serve.  The way the NHS in England is organised and structured had changed nationally and locally and our hospital has seen new expectations and needs from our patients and community, we have a new leadership team and important financial challenges.

Work is already underway in terms of defining the next five years for our hospitals.  We have shared with the National Trust Development Authority and the Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee core principles for the five years ahead and MEHT Strategic direction and we plan to have our strategy ready to share for your views by April 2015.

Mid Essex Hospital Trust’s overriding aim is to provide care that is safe, effective and results in an outstanding patient experience for the people of Essex whilst securing the future of acute hospital services in the Chelmsford and surrounding area that are clinically and financially sustainable.

During the summer of 2014 the Trust worked with local communities, patients and staff to better understand the Culture “the way we do things around here” of our hospitals and what values and behaviours are important to deliver the care our patients, community and staff expect.  As part of this consultation over 500 views were gained.  This work will inform the review we undertake of the strategy. Part of this work did look at our overall vision statement and seek to affirm a more ambitious future looking statement of, “world class healthcare for you in the heart of Essex”

Our plan is share with our patients, public, community, staff and stakeholders, by April 2015, our strategy for the next five years, along with our values and behaviours, to enable discussion and engagement of all those we serve.  We look forward to you being involved and supporting us with this work next year.

The Trust reviewed it’s Corporate Objectives during May 2016. These objectives will remain in place as the Mid and South Essex Success Regime develop common strategic aims and objectives that reflect the common purpose - to support collaborative working and create specialist hubs serving the patients of the three Trust areas with the best available expertise.

The Trust had four Strategic Priorities and Corporate Objectives set in 2016.

These are set out below:


Strategic Priority 1 – Achieving clinical and service excellence

1.1 Achieve governance and regulatory standards for high quality, safe and effective patient care

1.2 Deliver the very best care in the right place, at the right time, with the right staff.


Strategic Priority 2 – Quality Leadership

2.1 Grow our own high performing leadership teams who inspire all staff to achieve excellence

2.2 Establish and communicate the direction of the organisation for the next five years in the context of the Essex Success Regime


Strategic Priority 3 – Effective Relationships

3.1 Work with health and education partners to understand the health and social care needs of our community and deliver new and innovative models of care

3.2 Develop our health professionals of the future


Strategic Priority 4 – Business Excellence

4.1 Achieve a sustainable financial future

4.2 Turn research into practice and incorporate innovative ways of working into business as usual