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This site has been designed to be Accessible.

Access Keys

Access Keys provide a quick way to navigate round the site without using a mouse, and on this site are based on the UK Government Access Keys system.

The keys are used in conjuction with Alt or Ctrl and Enter keys which vary depending on your browser.

Hold down

'Alt' key if using Internet Explorer for Windows
'Ctrl' key if using Mozilla/Firefox, or if using Internet Explorer or Safari on a Mac
'Shift' and 'Esc' together if using Opera (note Opera ignores numeric Access Keys)

Accessibility Keys

0 = Text Only

2 = Site Map

3 = Widescreen

4 = Text Smaller

5 = Text Normal

6 = Text Larger

To use these keys hold down 'Alt' key + 'number' from the list and press 'enter' all together

These keys have been selected so as not to conflict with those in use by assistive technologies such as JAWS, Supernova and HomePageReader.