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Out to Africa (OtA)

Out to Africa


About the Project

The Out to Africa (OtA) charitable project was initiated by Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Tom Browne.

The overall aim is to link as many people and departments within Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust, with their peers at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka, Zambia.

The project is intended to establish a long-term relationship between the two organisations that will bring mutual benefits through shared learning. An important aspect of the agreement is that it encompasses a variety of disciplines, including nursing, medicine, IT, estates and governance.

This is a fund situated under the Mid Essex Hospital Charity Fund Umbrella. There have been many fundraising events held in aid of the project which include an Open Day at Broomfield Hospital where staff and visitors enjoyed a day of entertainment, side stalls and visits behind the scenes, including the theatres, helideck and wards.

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Email: meht.ota@gmail.com

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Africa 003

"The hospital itself was visually clean - they did the best they could - but it was very basic and the equipment was very old."

Africa 002

"I thought I understood what it would be like out there, but I didn’t, not really."

Africa 012

"Everybody complains that the NHS is struggling, but we don’t really understand the half of it." 

Africa 004

"They don’t have the same drugs that we do, and they have to use them in a different way."