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09 August

Fearless John’s leap for Lister

John Chapman skydive
John Chapman (r) and his instructor

Lister ward healthcare assistant John Chapman skydived from 10,000ft to raise money to buy new pressure mattresses.

Fearless John had never skydived before but flung himself from a light aircraft at March airfield in Cambridgeshire.

John originally intended to jump from 15,000ft but weather conditions prevented him. He’s now planning to head back in October for a second fundraising jump to go 5,000ft higher.

“It was great,” said John. “It wasn’t as scary as I thought. If anyone is thinking about doing one I’d thoroughly recommend it.

“Once you’re out of the plane you get a sense of freedom that you won’t find anywhere else. Once you’re out, there’s no point being scared, you’re free from the fear.When the parachute opens and you’re just drifting, the views are amazing.”

After his land-based training, John was strapped to his instructor and before flying for fifteen minutes to reach the perfect altitude.

“You can’t see out of the windows because you’re sat on the floor. Once you get to the height, the door opens, everyone shuffles forwards and out you go!

“The instructor was a bit of a daredevil so we did some spins and flips with the parachute, but the landing was remarkably soft.”

John has worked for the Trust for four years, initially in catering before transferring to become an HCA. He has set a fundraising target of £1,000 which will go towards intelligent mattress that help prevent pressure ulcers and bed sores in patients.

“I love everything about my job because you get to help people. Patients weren’t getting the pressure relief so we borrowed a mattress overlay that gave us real-time information about where the pressure was. We could then move people more appropriately. Rather than just moving patients and guessing that we’ve relieved the pressure, we can physically see we’ve done it. It’s phenomenal.”

Donate to John's JustGiving page by following this link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/john-chapman22