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30 April 

Fund of the month Feering feeling flush

Feering Ward

Feering ward opened in April and was also our first fund of the month.

Like anyone moving into a new home, the Feering team needed some new items to help them settle in and, unlike in their previous home of Felsted ward, they now have a garden.

Thanks to £5,000 from an anonymous donor and £6,000 from the Friends at Broomfield, the Feering team now have the money to start ticking items off their shopping list.

Feering ward sister Julie Chapman has earmarked money for comfortable furniture, paintings and wall decoration for the day room which she currently describes as being “a shell with plastic chairs and nothing on the walls”. As the day room doubles as a waiting room for outpatient appointments, keeping patients comfortable is a priority.

With summer on the horizon, Julie also hopes to purchase sets of garden furniture and some garden games to provide a relaxing environment for patients and the staff to enjoy the fresh air.

Julie said: “It was exciting for staff to be fund of the month and I just wanted to advertise we were moving and that it was new start for us. I wasn’t expecting any money to be honest, so this is an absolute thrill.”