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15 November

Palliative Care purchase more wash bags thanks to Friends’ funding

Palliative Care washbags

A £500 donation from the Friends at Broomfield has helped the palliative care team buy more wash bags for the relatives of patients receiving care.

The team have been running the initiative for over a year and hand out between 10 and 20 bags a month to people who are visiting loved ones and unexpectedly end up staying overnight at the hospital.

The wash bags contain essentials like shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorant.

Initially they were funded by money raised by the team from hosting study days for staff and people in the community but the latest donation from the Friends has allowed them to buy more toiletries.

Palliative care CNS Bev Trew said: “Having the wash bags helps relatives be more comfortable in the environment despite the sad situation they are in. They don’t want to be sending other relatives home to get stuff so we try to reduce their stress and make this one less thing to worry about.”

“We’d like to thank the Friends for recognising the importance of what we do and helping us to continue that,” added palliative care nurse Caroline McNamara.

The Friends’ Barbara Coupe said the group were pleased to contribute to such a worthwhile cause and asked all staff to keep using the Friends’ shops in the atrium and in B block.

“The money we donate all comes from our shops – we’re all volunteers, nobody gets paid – so I’d like to encourage all staff to use us as much as possible. Everyone can buy lunch, our coffee is half the price of Costa and all the money comes back to the hospital.”