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Cleft Campaign 

Broomfield Hospitals very own Peri Codling, Clinical Nurse Specialist with the support of her patients' parents, is raising funds to enhance the services provided by the cleft services department at Broomfield Hospital.

The department loans breast pumps free of charge to mothers whose children have cleft palate and/or lip. These babies are unable to create the suction needed to breastfeed or extract milk from a standardised baby’s bottle.

Speaking with Carol Gosling, mum to Peri's patient Oliver

“As a mum, I was very upset to not be able to breastfeed Oliver and the cleft department were amazing in supporting me. They lent us a professional breast pump so I could express, as when my daughter was born I was unable to express using shop-bought breast pumps.

“Around 1 in 700 babies are born every year with a cleft, meaning that the support that a cleft department provides is absolutely vital.

“Everybody knows that research has shown that breastfeeding is best for your baby and we believe that every mum should be given the opportunity if they wish to be able to provide breast milk.

 “Before Oliver was born, we attended an antenatal appointment where we were given a pack containing important leaflets and a specialised bottle ready if we needed it. Without funding these packs cannot be provided to expectant parents, and the thought of not having a bottle to feed your baby with is a worry new parents could do without.

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Oliver and family would like to say a big thank you as they have reached the £10,000 mark of their appeal. 

Peri Codling Clinical Nurse Specialist is now looking to purchase new breast pumps for the unit which we hope to have by January 2019!

Following the success of the campaign, they have now raised their target to £20,000.

March 2019 

Baby Oliver Cleft