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Knitting Projects at Broomfield Hospital

Calling all knitting aficionados!

Dignity Blankets

Dignity blankets can help a persons stay n hospital become more comfortable. 

All colours welcomed, these need to be big enough to cover a seated adults lap.

Dignity Blankets

Activity Sleeve 

These hand knitted donations work as therapy for our patients, helping them to relax and de-stress in a new environment. Keeping their hands busy and minds active. 

Activity Sleeve Pattern 
Activity Sleeve Pattern Two

Twiddle muff

Trauma Teddies 

The wonderfully brave children who receive care at Broomfield Hospital truly appreciate the knitted teddies they receive. 

We are looking for:

- A variety of colours 

- A teddy with its own personality 

Trauma Teddy Pattern

Trauma Teddy 2

Thank you 

Once you have knitted your kind donation please contact us on 01245 514860 to organise coming and dropping off your donation. 

If you would like to send your donation via post please use address below: 

Charity Office
Broomfield Hospital 

Thank you for choosing to support Mid Essex Hospitals Charity! 

For any queries please contact fundraising@meht.nhs.uk

thank you