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COVID-19 : IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR GPs - updated 10 April 2020

Management of Radiology referrals during COVID 19 Incident

Management of Radiology referrals during COVID 19 Incident
Summary: Management of Radiology referrals during COVID 19 Incident
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Created: Monday, April 20, 2020
Last Modified: Monday, April 20, 2020


This applies to MSE  X-Rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound scans and nuclear medicine.  Note that ultrasound scans for Maternity Services are continuing as normal. All x–ray referrals are now via booked appointment.

Urgent/Time Critical and Routine Radiology requests can be made electronically via the following:

Patients do not need to take any paperwork with them to their appointment. 

All requests are being screened by the MSE and will either result in an appointment, added to a waiting list or rejected. In the latter case a communication is sent to the Patient and the GP to that effect. 

Clinical leads from primary care and the MSE are actively working together to develop guidance regarding the categorisation of cases as urgent (time critical) or routine diagnostics.

Emergency Referrals to Outpatients

The appropriate specialist registrar may be bleeped via the GP switchboard number: 01245 362000.

Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory Care is a patient focussed service where some conditions may be treated without the need of an overnight stay in hospital. Patients will receive the same medical treatment they would previously have received as an inpatient. The aim of this service is to provide them with the care required to treat their condition during scheduled Ambulatory Care opening hours. The patient will then be able to return home and if further treatment is required they will be asked to return to the unit.

Telephone: 01245 513207 or 01245 513208

Outpatient Referrals – NHS e-Referrals Service

All first outpatient appointments to consultant led clinics must be referred via the NHS e-Referrals Service (e-RS).

GP practices within Mid Essex CCG should refer routine outpatients through the Central Referral Service (CRS) where the referral will be reviewed and the patient will be offered choice.  GP practices outside of Mid Essex CCG must book routine outpatient appointments directly on e-RS.

2 Week Wait (2ww) and urgent (to be seen within 6 week) referrals should be booked directly by the GP practice on e-RS.

For routine appointments the CRS will give or post a letter to the patient from e-RS confirming their Unique Booking Reference Number (UBRN) and password, so allowing them 24/7 access to book, re-book and cancel appointments on-line using ‘Manage Your Referral.’ For urgent referrals the GP Practice must provide the patient with these details.

When an appointment is successfully booked on the NHS e-Referrals Service (e-RS) a letter will be sent to the patient from Mid Essex Hospitals confirming details.


Paper Referrals Returns Process

When a GP referral letter is received by post, email or fax, Mid Essex Hospitals have the following process in place:

  • Routine – The hospital will re-direct all routine paper referrals received from a Mid Essex CCG GP to the CRS who will book the patient on eRS. GP practices should initially send routine referrals to the CRS. Sending routine referrals directly to the hospital will delay patient treatment. The hospital is not permitted to book any of these appointments and will not do so until it has been through the CRS.

  • Urgent (within 6 weeks) – Paper referrals will be returned without appointment to the referring GP practice (secretaries’ email) with a request to book directly on eRS. The practice secretaries’ email must provide a read receipt to confirm acceptance of the returned patient.

  • 2ww – The hospital will contact practice secretaries to request the referral is resent via eRS. For patient safety, if the GP practice is unable to book on eRS within the next 2 hours, the paper referral will be booked.