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17 April

Seeing with High Definition


The ophthalmology service will see patients’ eyes clearer than ever thanks to new technology.

The new machines, Spectralis OCT, photograph the retina creating multiple layers that can be filtered to examine certain parts of the eye.

Linda Melvin, head orthoptist, said: “This new piece of kit is brilliant; now we can see with such clarity, we can make a diagnosis quicker and more effectively. They’re comfortable and user friendly for our patients and staff. Making this investment has brought us into the 21st Century. Compared to the old machines, it’s like seeing in high definition.”

“It’s £220k well spent – the ability to see different layers and with all the new modalities it includes, makes it so much easier to monitor and manage our patients’ eye conditions effectively. Consultants can even look at the images remotely. It’s no wonder why NASA has one on their space station!”

The team are taking part in a series of training sessions on the new machines and are looking forward to seeing more patients.