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6 August

Broomfield’s head of midwifery Ros Bullen-Bell joins national maternity education project

Ros Bullen-Bell
Ros Bullen-Bell

Broomfield’s head of midwifery Ros Bullen-Bell has been chosen to work alongside England’s chief midwifery officer on a project to educate the next generation of midwives.

Ros has joined Prof Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent’s team as the head of midwifery representative for England to help midwifery training move with the times by using blended leaning – a combination of hands-on practical experience and online resources.

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the need for students to have content accessible to continue their learning away from the hospital. Of the current midwifery students at Broomfield, some haven’t been able to come on site since February.

The project team, which includes representatives from the Royal College of Nursing and English universities, are hoping to have the programme implemented across the country in time for 2021’s midwifery students.

Ros said: “COVID has made us realise we should use blended learning because even though you can’t learn how to deliver a baby off-site, you can learn the theory, how to do drug calculations, and other elements of general nursing.

“This can be done through private YouTube videos made for the students.

“Our current students have been able to continue with some of their training but only a limited amount. With blended learning they would have been able to carry on with their education. It also allows us to plan our social distancing for when they will be here.”

Broomfield is increasing the number of student midwives training at the hospital with twenty due to join from Anglia Ruskin in September.

Ros says that her involvement in the programme has wide-ranging benefits.

“This is the future of learning. It’s really nice to work with Jacqui Dunkley-Bent and her deputy Jess Read, and it’ll be great for MSE that I’ll be able to bring the programme back here and help Anglia Ruskin implement it.

“It’ll be good for the university, good for students and also good for the Trust to be involved in a national project.”