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27 February 2019

MSB Frailty team selected for national conference

Staff at Basildon's Frailty Ambulatory Unit
Staff at Basildon's Frailty Ambulatory Unit

The MSB STP Frailty team have been invited to present at a prestigious national frailty conference.

After taking part in the Acute Frailty Network 2017/18 cohort programme, the group will talk at ‘New Frontiers in Frailty’ in central London in June.

The Acute Frailty Network aims to improve services for acute frail older people by having local and social care services - supported by national clinical and improvement experts - share their experiences at networking events. 

As part of the cohort programme, the group from Mid Essex, Southend and Basildon, attended teaching days and had site visits from the national team to review the processes and offer tailored suggestions.

Dr Matthew Sweeting, clinical lead for acute frailty MSB STP, said: “They were excited by us because we are an STP and they hadn’t done that before. Instead of just one hospital, we were three in one. Basildon and Southend were the focus but we shared the learning across Mid as well.

“The whole point of the STP is to standardise processes. Frailty has to work in all three and we have to standardise what we do so if I went to work in Southend or someone from Southend came to work here, we have similar processes and operating models.

‘I’m really proud of the frailty team across the three sites have worked really hard, delivered results and produced better outcomes for our local population, particularly our frail and elderly.”

John Walter, team lead physiotherapist for A&E/AMU/Frailty at Basildon, added: “As a team we went to the last national conference and the feeling was we could be doing this - we felt a little bit ahead of the curve on some of the presentations other trusts were giving.

“We’re going to have a lot to talk about with the new unit opening at Basildon. We’re going to have a lot more data and a lot more success stories, especially on how it helped the hospital this winter.

“It’ll be good to get out there and showcase that we are one of the top organisations in the country for what we’re doing in frailty. Being part of the cohort has really propelled us forward.”