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6 February 2019

Recycling Scheme Saves Trust £70,000

David Jackson
David Jackson

Recycling furniture has saved MEHT over £70,000 in just eighteen months.

By reusing chairs, tables and office equipment, Sustainability hit ambitious cost avoidance targets two months early, prevented over 10.6 tonnes of waste and avoided over 41 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The recycling scheme was launched in August 2017 and has dealt with over 250 requests from staff. Over 500 items have been relocated throughout the Trust with new homes being found for everything from medical notes trolleys to filing cabinets.

Sustainability estimate this has saved an additional £1,900 in waste transport costs.

David Jackson, sustainability project coordinator, praised staff for embracing the initiative: “The reaction from everyone has been really positive - it’s why it’s been so successful. A lot of staff have come back for further items to kit out their office space.

“We give everyone a summary of their items and the cost avoidance. If you have a filing cabinet that’s reused, we can tell you you’ve avoided £112, 34kgs of weight, and about 60kgs of carbon dioxide. We relate the weight of an item to the weight of an animal and calculate the saved carbon dioxide from the manufacturing process by comparing it to the mileage of a UK car.”

David also wanted to pay tribute to the help Sustainability has had from other areas of the Trust: “The portering team have been really supportive, especially in assisting to move some of the larger items.  The scheme has received senior-level backing, and everyone is keen to publicise the benefits to their teams.  The furniture is there to be used and people are promoting it.

“Because of the success, we’ve set a new target of reaching £100k of savings by August 2019.”