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20 February 2019

Surgery gets smarter with new Einstein 3D camera

Tom Gudde with the new 3D Einstein system
Tom Gudde with the new Einstein 3D system

Theatres have introduced a new 3D laparoscopic camera system that will make surgery more accurate and improve recovery times for patients.

The Einstein 3D system is also fully mobile, allowing it to be used in every MEHT theatre.

Surgeons operate wearing 3D glasses to view a 32” HD screen which gives a depth perspective unavailable in 2D.

Tom Gudde, service manager for anaesthetics, theatres and critical care, first saw the technology in operation on a trip to Germany and was certain about the positive impact it could have at MEHT.

“It really opened my eyes to the benefits of a 3D camera system. When you write the business plan you have to be convinced, and I could see the advantages of bringing the system to the hospital. It’s quite amazing.

“It improves on the accuracy because it’s 3D and makes the view for the surgeon much easier. If you’re operating in a cavity and it’s all 2D, it’s difficult to judge the depth. The advantage of the 3D is that you get the depth back in. It’s quicker and there are fewer complications, so it’s a lot better for patients.

“The surgeons had asked for it and so far everyone is impressed and really happy that it’s here.”

The team negotiated a 50% discount on the cost price of £80,000, and Tom was grateful for the funding the hospital provided.

The system has been in place for just over a month and has so far mainly been used by gynaecology, but can be used all surgeons.

“Laparoscopic surgery is very much on the rise as a technique,” said Tom. “This gives us the opportunity to use it more and more in theatres – it gives us a huge amount of flexibility.”

The introduction of the Einstein system is the first step in an upgrade of MEHT theatres. Currently, there is one 3D laparoscopic theatre at Broomfield but next month two more theatres will be upgraded to 3D. With the Einstein system also in place, MEHT will soon have four 3D surgical facilities in operation, a situation Tom describes as “unique and very exciting”.