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17 January 2019

Warner Library Gets Top Marks

Warner Library Gets Top Marks
Warner Library Gets Top Marks
The Warner Library is celebrating 100% in the Library Quality Assurance Framework – Health Education England’s quality assessment.

It’s the second consecutive year the library has got a perfect score, an achievement library manager Deborah Lepley puts down to her ‘fantastic team’.

All NHS libraries have to complete the annual assessment with a target of being 90% compliant with the NHS library and knowledge services guidelines, but once again the Warner team have exceeded the standard.

Deborah, who has worked at Broomfield for 18 years and managed the library since 2013, explained the criteria. “We had to demonstrate that the library service makes a positive impact in the Trust, and that we support clinical and management decision-making with the evidence to deliver high quality patient care and service improvement. We’re not just here as an educational resource.

“Also, we were assessed on information provision to patients and how we support knowledge management. We help ensure that the patient information and guidelines we’re producing are based on the latest evidence.”

The library, which moved to its current location behind MAU in 1992, loaned almost 3,500 books last year, dealt with over 850 book and journal requests, and ran training sessions for 327 members of staff.

The library has a staff of five, with deputy librarian Ian Wilkes and assistants Mary Brazil, Ruth Byford and Lorraine Jackson working alongside Deborah.

“I’ve got a fantastic team. Ian has been here over ten years; he’s excellent on the resources and also runs some of the training and inductions for new staff. And the three library assistants are brilliant at offering first-line support. We are making a difference in our own quiet way.”

Many of the Warner’s resources are available electronically and the library has also recently installed a self-issue machine, funded by a grant from the Chelmsford Medical Education Research Trust. 

The library also runs a new current awareness service called KnowledgeShare where people can sign up to receive targeted emails highlighting new evidence as it comes to light, and plans are afoot to open 24 hours a day.

Deborah would like to see as many staff members as possible use the facilities. “We’re here for all staff. Evidence should underpin every decision made and we are experts in finding information and providing that evidence, but we also have a range of fiction and wellbeing books. It’s a very peaceful environment and everyone is welcome.”

The Warner Library is open from 8.30am Monday to Friday and you can contact them by email warner.library@meht.nhs.uk , by calling 01245 514708. Visit their intranet page http://meht-intranet/hr/learning-and-development/warner-library-services.