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28th October 2014

  Mid Essex Hospital is one of the most improved hospitals in the country for cancer care

Mid Essex Hospitals is one of the most improved Trusts across the country in it's care of cancer patients, according to the latest national report.

The recent National Cancer Patient Survey highlighted the Trust for it's greatly improved service to patients with 89% stating their care as 'excellent; or 'very good'.

A 63% response rate from patients highlighted many good examples of care for cancer patients, with the Breast Care service rated very highly, above the national average.

The development and increased presence of cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) has had a positive impact upon patient experience.

Mr Simon Smith, Consultant Surgeon, Cancer Services said:

“Broomfield is the surgical centre for Essex for many Cancer services including upper GI, head and neck and Breast Reconstruction.

“Over the past few years, there has been significant investment of finance and time in order to improve the level of care our patients receive and we are delighted that is has been reflected in the Cancer Patient Experience Survey.

“The ever increasing presence of our CNS’ and their efforts to support patients through their journey has played a large role in the improvements of our services and has been a huge influence on our excellent feedback; it is great to see their role within patient care recognised.”

Improving the information for patients of the side effects of treatment was among the many services considered to be substantially improved. The results also showed that the Trust continued to deliver care with a close consideration for patient privacy, respect and dignity.

The Trust proved to be excellent in delivering an extra level of care for patients, family and friends, with key emphasis being placed on the Trust’s success in providing information and help once patients have been discharged. This extra care and service is greatly influenced by the presence of the CNS’ who provide care throughout a patient’s treatment and beyond.

The Trust also showed great improvements in the services offered to relatives and friends of patients, with GPs giving time to family and friends for any questions or concerns they have.

The Macmillan Information Pod, a collaborative service shared between the hospital, Farleigh Hospice and Macmillan Cancer Support on the Broomfield Hospital site has proven to be a great success in providing patients, their relatives, carers and professionals access to comprehensive information as well as the expertise and guidance of those who work there. The pod has provided services and guidance to over 3400 since its opening.

John West from the Macmillan information pod said:

“The information pod is great for conversation, providing extra support for both carers and patients. We have so much information on offer and our patients really benefit from having someone with experience in dealing with cancer to sit down and chat with, providing that extra level of support.”

The information pod contributes to the processes of communication and information provision that support patients through their care.  And results from the survey showed the Trust improving in providing information, improving the complete explanation on the pathway of treatment for patients; and clearly communicating how procedures and operations went.

Going forward, the Trust will be looking to consider how this feedback can be built upon and improved further. A key focus will be placed on working more closely with GPs to give information to patients about care and treatments, as well as building on the consideration of the importance of patients’ views and choices in the whole treatment pathway.

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