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Surgical Robot

Robotic Surgery - Helping the Surgeon to Help You

Surgical Robot
Robotic Surgery is very versatile and can be used for: 
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Gynecologic Surgery
  • Head & Neck Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Urologic Surgery

Robotic Advancements

Robotic Surgery has certainly evolved over the years, coming in leaps and bounds as the 1980s saw advancements into early minimally invasive surgery. Early designs in endoscope technology, along with better digital, video and display enhancements led to the first gallbladder removal in 1987. This same technology has been used in other environments such as the ocean floor or outer space.

Here at Mid Essex

Mid Essex Hospitals have been using robotic surgery for a number of years now, and the time has come, with your help, to look at bringing in a new surgical model to help us, help you by performing minimally invasive surgery.

What Next?

Help us to save and transform the lives of thousands of patients needing treatment, using minimally invasive surgery, using the latest robotic surgical techniques.

Mid Essex Hospitals was the first NHS hospital in Essex, and one of only 15 in the UK to use a surgical Robot – which at the time was one of the most advanced surgical robots of its kind.

We are now looking to raise the funds to purchase a new robot 


With the aid of this new robot we hope that Mid Essex Hospitals will remain as a centre of excellence in the UK, helping to transform the lives of thousands of patients within Mid Essex, Basildon, Southend and surrounding areas, as well as looking to expand the area of robotic surgery to both our partner Trusts.


Consultant using the Surgical Robot
Consultant using the Surgical Robot

As a patient, if you’ve been told you require surgery, you
may have several clinical options open to you, and one of
these options might be for minimally invasive surgery, in
the use of a Surgical Robot.

What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery allows surgeons to operate with precise
movements, making a few small incisions whilst using
magnified 3D high-definition screens with tiny instruments
that bend and rotate at a level that is far greater than that
of a human hand, allowing greater precision and control.

The surgeon is in total control of
the robot, with the technology
replicating the hand movements
into precise movements of the tiny instruments inside the body.


Just Giving

Please Click the button below to donate to Mid Essex Hospitals
NHS Trust Charitable Fund and support the fundraising
campaign to purchase the new surgical robot.

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Did You Know?

Mid Essex Hospitals has very close links with our health
partner organisation, Anglia Ruskin University, with the
added benefit of a close geographical co-location.

The innovation, training and development is a key part of the
pioneering surgical robotic centre for complex minimally
invasive surgery and advanced surgical training.

The development of clinical multidisciplinary teams will assume
ever greater importance over the next decade as robotic surgery
becomes more mainstream locally, and also nationally and

And Some Other Facts...

Mid Essex Hospitals has always had a leading role to
play in the field of robotic surgery, a pathfinder, going
back to the first use of a surgical robot in early 2009.

The Trust is also home to the only robotic surgery centre
in the county, and at the time of receiving the first robot,
was one of only 15 across the country performing this type
of surgery. We are proud of our reputation within this clinical
field, and are determined to continue to lead the way.

We are committed to training the surgeons of the future in
new techniques, so we are excited to be exploring options
of partnership with Anglia Ruskin (ARU). Indeed we hope
our old robot can continue to improve the outcomes of
surgery for may people by being used as a surgical training
instrument at the University.

Intuitive Surgical, the manufacturers of the da Vinci robot,
have been alongside us since the start of our journey
travelling this highly specialised path, and at present we
are in advanced discussions with Intuitive about the options
available for replacing the current robot.

With reference to the appeal for our new robot, we are now
building interest ahead of our formal launch, however, and
donations to the project via Our Charity will be very

Consultant using the Surgical Robot

£1.5m is our initial target, our commitment to the longer
term development of robotic surgery. We are also looking
forward to the exciting options of closer working
arrangements with ARU, Basildon and Southend Hospitals,
and any monies raised will help us develop robotic surgery
across mid and South Essex, with our aim to continue to
attract and retain the very best surgeons. 

These are tough times for the NHS at the present, but there
is no reason not to be excited about the future, and we can
be very confident that complex surgery will continue to be
carried out at Broomfield, indeed at all three hospitals and
we want to ensure the surgery we provide offers the very
best outcomes for the patients we treat.

Consultant using the Surgical Robot