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The new Accessible Information Standards was fully implemented on the 31st July 2016 across the NHS and adult social care systems. A key aim of the new framework is to ensure that all those people using health and social care services have their needs met.

Implementation of the Standard is expected to benefit everyone with information and/or communication needs relating to a disability or sensory loss, including people who have a learning disability, a sensory impairment, aphasia, autism or a mental health condition which affects their ability to communicate.

The Accessible Information Standard will begin to address the current disparity in the care received by disabled people. It will ensure that information is provided to all service users and patients and delivered in a way they can understand.

There are two important pieces of NATIONAL legislation that are important to making information accessible.

Mental Capacity Act 2005

The Mental Capacity Act (2005)

The MCA refers to Professionals taking all 'practicable steps' to make information easier.
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Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act (2010)

This law bans unfair treatment and gives a directive to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that a person is not placed at a substantial disadvantage because of their disability.
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