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Cancelling or re-arranging your appointment

Please fill in the online form below to cancel or re-arrange your hospital appointment.

Terms and Conditions

By ticking the Submit box on the form below you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Change of contact details - The information you have provided is accurate and current. You will not hold Mid Essex Hospital Trust responsible for any inaccuracies in the patient's personal information as a result of the information provided in this form.

Cancelling appointments - By submitting this form you have informed Mid Essex Hospital Trust that this appointment is no longer required and you have stated you no longer want treatment, if you change your mind you will need to return to your GP for a new referral. If you cancel more than once you may be referred back to your GP.

Rearranging appointments - By submitting this form you have requested that Mid Essex Hospital Trust contact you to rearrange this appointment. I understand and agree to the Mid Essex Hospital Trust Terms and Conditions. 

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