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Supporting Staff

The spiritual care of patients and their families is a whole staff team responsibility and all staff are encouraged to call on the support of the chaplaincy team when need arises. This might include:

  • A patient or their family has received bad news
  • A family wishes to bless their new baby
  • A patient requests religious support at the end of life
  • A patient may wish to request an emergency marriage service at the end of life.
  • And many more examples


Education and training

The chaplaincy team provides training in a variety of areas of spiritual care for staff from across all disciplines . Have a look at what is on offer.

Personal staff support

There can be times when our personal circumstances, or challenges with our work, mean that we can become anxious.

A confidential listening ear that is outside the situation can often be helpful.

The chaplaincy team can also provide support for bereavement both when this is a family member or colleague and we have experience of arranging both religious and non-religious memorial services.

Don’t forget that help for staff might also be sought from the 


Schwartz rounds

These multidisciplinary forums are an excellent setting in which staff can come together and discuss the experiences and challenges of working at MEHT. These have been running monthly and are held in the Medical Academic Unit..

Staff religious support

Staff on duty on a Sunday can receive communion on request.

Details of religious prayer times and other services are found here.

Contacting Chaplaincy

Telephone: 01245 515244
(24hr answerphone)

Email: MEHT.Chaplain@meht.nhs.uk

Spiritual Care & Chaplaincy
Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust Broomfield Hospital
Court Road
Essex CM1 7ET

If the need for a Chaplain is urgent, contact the Hospital Switchboard on 01245 362000 or dial ‘0’ internally, and ask for the On Call Chaplain.

Stating the 

  • name of the patient
  • the ward they are on
  • and any specific Religious or other needs they may have.   


Chaplains are available 24/7

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