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The Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy team, ward chaplains and volunteers

Trust Chaplains

The Trust employs a team of full & part time Trust Chaplains; currently drawn from different Christian denominations to provide spiritual and religious care to patients, relatives and staff throughout our hospitals- (Broomfield, Braintree Community Hospital & St Peters Maldon).

This experienced team is supported by an administrator and is based in the Faith Centre (A209)

We also have a group of Associate Chaplains from the community who support this team and also other faith leaders who provide care to those needing support from other world religions.

Volunteer Ward Chaplains

Most wards in the hospital are assisted in their spiritual care of patients by volunteer ward chaplains.

These volunteers drawn from a variety of world faith and belief  backgrounds provide a listening ear for patients and refer ongoing needs to the Trust Chaplains.

On Sundays we have a team of volunteer Eucharistic Ministers from Roman Catholic, Church of England and other Christian denominations, who bring communion to the bedside for those who request it.


Opportunities for you to be involved in chaplaincy volunteering can be found here.

Contacting Chaplaincy

Telephone: 01245 515244
(24hr answerphone)

Email: MEHT.Chaplain@meht.nhs.uk

Spiritual Care & Chaplaincy
Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust Broomfield Hospital
Court Road
Essex CM1 7ET

If the need for a Chaplain is urgent, contact the Hospital Switchboard on 01245 362000 or dial ‘0’ internally, and ask for the On Call Chaplain.

Stating the 

  • name of the patient
  • the ward they are on
  • and any specific Religious or other needs they may have.   


Chaplains are available 24/7

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