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Hospital@Home Service

Hospital@Home is a specialist acute home healthcare nursing service run by the hospital. The service enables patients who would ordinarily remain in hospital to complete their treatment at home when they become medically stable. They remain the responsibility of their consultant but continue a plan of care delivered by the team at their home.

Together with colleagues, the Hospital@Home team helps to identify patients that could be safely transferred home for the remainder of their inpatient treatment. All patients are assessed on the ward prior to transfer to the Hospital@Home service, with the patient’s course of treatment and expected length of stay agreed with the staff member responsible for referring the patient. 

Examples include patients who need:

  • All types of IV therapy and infusions 
  • Monitoring 
  • Complex wounds


Patients have visits scheduled between 7am and 10pm, seven days a week.

Any prescriptions continue to be provided by Broomfield’s pharmacy, just as they would if the patient had remained an inpatient. Should the patient require a different treatment when they are at home which is related to their inpatient treatment, Hospital@Home liaises with the hospital doctor and pharmacy to have the necessary changes made to the hospital prescription and delivers the drugs to the patient’s home. 

This means that patients are able to go home from hospital early, but know that the specialist Hospital@Home clinical team will be visiting them to continue their treatment. This could be up four times a day, depending on their continuing care needs which will be discussed and agreed prior to their transfer home. Hospital@Home will continue to liaise with their hospital consultant throughout and once they have completed their treatment they will be discharged back to the care of their GP. 

Patients are provided with a Hospital@Home booklet explaining about the service and who to contact in the event of a problem or concern.