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Safeguarding Adults

Mid Essex Hospital Services recognises that safeguarding vulnerable adults is everybody's business.

We provide all staff at the Trust with training about safeguarding adults that is relevant to their role. All staff have a responsibility to alert the Safeguarding team to any concerns about, or suspected abuse of, a vulnerable adult or when there are concerns about a person’s capacity to understand treatment, especially when this may result in them having treatments that may restrict or deprive them of everyday freedoms in any way.

The Safeguarding Adult Lead, Clinical Nurse Specialist for Adult Safeguarding , Learning Disabilities Lead Nurse and the Elderly Assessment Team (EAT) work with all MEHT staff to closely monitor patients more likely to be vulnerable, such as older adults or adults with learning disabilities. We can provide ‘reasonable adjustments’ for patients with learning disabilities, such as longer visiting hours.

We start planning discharge soon after admission, and the Safeguarding Team supports vulnerable adults and their family and carers, so they can be fully involved in decisions about their care.

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The Adult Safeguarding team are located at:
Room 34, B346
Level 3
West Wing
Broomfield Hospital
Chelmsford CM1 7ET 

Our staff 

The Adult Safeguarding Team consists of:

Clive Gibson - Safeguarding Adult Lead
Internal Ext: 6943
External Telephone: 01245 516943
email: clive.gibson@meht.nhs.uk

Pager: #6555 2526

Sandra Moreton Nance – Learning Disabilities Lead Nurse
Internal Ext: 6596
External Telephone: 01245 516596
email: Sandra.moretonnance@meht.nhs.uk

Pager: #6555 2241

Mark Rotherham - Safeguarding Specialist (EAT)
Internal Ext: 4741

External Telephone: 01245 514741 email: Mark.Rotherham2@meht.nhs.uk

Pager: #6555 2508

Kelly Doran - Safeguarding Burns Specialist Nurse
External Telephone: 01245 362000
Pager: #6555 3539

Elderly Assessment Team – Support adult safeguarding queries and provide support, advice and education for all aspects of the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (2009)

Internal Ext: 6943

External telephone: 01245 516943

Pager: #6555 1179

 Safeguarding Fax Number is: 01245 513961 (Secure)


Contact details 

  • Adult Safeguarding Specialist - Mark Rotherham
    Ext 4741/ Page #6555 2508 

  • CNS Dementia - Julie Green - #6555 2557

  • Elderly Assessment Team - #6555 1179 

  • Lead Nurse - Clive Gibson Bleep #6555 2526 Extension 6943