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Safeguarding Children

'Every child and young person has a right to life free from abuse' - (Article 19, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child).

Please note the following new mobile telephone contact numbers for Safeguarding Children:


Accident Reduction Specialist:     07785 951118


All those working in the field of health have a professional responsibility to safeguard and protect children. Safeguarding Children (previously Child Protection) is a highly emotive subject, evoking strong feelings in all of us. In order to provide the most effective support and help for vulnerable children and their families, all staff managing services and involved in working directly with children need to be able to acknowledge their feelings and examine their values and beliefs. 



The Trust has a strong commitment to safeguarding and protecting children and employs professionals to:


  1. Provide expert advice and support to staff employed by MEHT in relation to child protection issues

  2. Ensure there are robust internal procedures for safeguarding children

  3. Provide child protection training for MEHT staff

  4. Provide child protection clinical supervision for staff employed by MEHT

  5. Work with other agencies to develop the safeguarding children agenda

  6. Ensure there is an effective system of child protection audit which monitors the agreed child protection standard

  7. Establish effective communication channels with the Essex Safeguarding Children Board

  8. Provide appropriate professional advice about safeguarding and protecting children within the wider context of child health to purchasers in the planning of child health strategies

  9. To raise the awareness of the MEHT board, managers and practitioners of the responsibility and accountability they have for safeguarding and protecting children



The Safeguarding team are located at:
Level three
West Wing
Broomfield Hospital
Chelmsford CM1 7ET


Our staff 

The child protection team consists of:


Named Nurse Safeguarding Children and Young People
Ext 4728
01245 514728
email: susan.wright4@meht.nhs.uk

Dr Manas Datta
Named Doctor for Safeguarding Children
Ext 3260
Sue Wright
Named Nurse Safeguarding Children and Young People
01245 514728
Pager : # 6400 896
Vacant Post
Associate Named Nurse Safeguarding Children
01245 514728
Pager #6400 896
Fax : 3961
Diane Roberts
Named Midwife for Safeguarding Children
01245 515167
Mobile 07887 636751
Fax : 3103
Tracey Samuels
Specialist Midwife for Vulnerable Women
01245 513351
Mobile 0777 6453442
Fax : 3103 

Kelly Doran
Safeguarding Burns Specialist Nurse
01245 362000
Pager #6555 3539
Julie Payne (CCG)
Accident Reduction Specialist
01245 514286 
Karleigh Marsh 
Safeguarding Children Liaison Officer
01245 514286
Vacant Post
Safeguarding Admin Assistant
01245 514741
Fax number 01245 513961


New Safeguarding Fax Number is : 01245 513961 (Secure)

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Department of Health report "Keeping Children Safe", which was written following the Victoria Climbie Inquiry

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