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Same Sex Accommodation

Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust is pleased to confirm that we are compliant with the requirement to eliminate mixed-sex accommodation, except when it is in the patient’s overall best interest, or reflects their personal choice. We are committed to providing same sex accommodation, as it helps to safeguard patients’ privacy and dignity.

The trust has the necessary facilities, resources and culture to ensure that patients who are admitted to our hospitals share the bed area where they sleep with members of the same sex, and same-sex toilets and bathrooms will be close to that bed area.

Sharing with members of the opposite sex will only happen when clinically necessary (for example where patients need specialist equipment and intensive nursing and medical care such as in our Intensive Care Unit or Medical High Dependency Unit).

We will continue to audit the trusts’ compliance with the requirement and monitor patient’ experience and satisfaction through patient satisfaction surveys. Any variance will be presented at the Patient Safety and Quality Committee.

Any immediate concerns that patients may have can be discussed with the Nursing staff. If there are concerns that have not been resolved then the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) will be able to advice and help.