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Anaesthetic Department

Location : Department of Anaesthesia A301

An overview of the service

The Anaesthetic Department provides planned elective general anaesthetic services for all the 20 theatres and emergency anaesthetic services for orthopaedics, plastics, burns, obstetrics and general emergencies.

We also have specialists who provide intensive care in the adult General Intensive Care Unit, Adult and Paediatric Burn Intensive Care in the St Andrew's Burns Unit, Pain Relief Medicine and Pre Assessment and optimisation for high risk patients. We also respond to acute emergencies or resuscitation across all the hospital.

There are 47 Consultant anaesthetists, 12 Specialty Doctors and 28 trainees within our teaching department.

  • Dr J Alexander-Williams, Pain

  • Dr D Arawwawala, ITU

  • Dr N Akotia, Pre-Assessment

  • Dr P Baraggia, General

  • Dr D Bell, Pre-Assessment

  • Dr P Berry, Burns

  • Dr S Brayshaw, Clinical Lead Obstetric Anaesthesia

  • Dr E Breeze, Orthopaedics

  • Dr J Carter, Equipment

  • Dr J Collins, ITU

  • Dr M Davis, General

  • Dr J Durcan, General

  • Dr T Durcan, Pain, Infection Prevention

  • Dr R Emamdee, General

  • Dr B Emerson, Clinical Director

  • Dr R Fenton, Medical Director, Pre-Assessment

  • Dr M Frost, Burns

  • Dr A Hassani, General

  • Dr N Huddy, General

  • Dr S Hudson, ITU

  • Dr A Hughes, Pre-Assessment

  • Dr J Hussey, Paediatric Lead

  • Dr H Jones, Clinical Tutor

  • Dr K Kiff, ITU

  • Dr J Lloyd, Burns

  • Dr C McCartney, Clinical Lead Chronic Pain

  • Dr B Maddison, Enhanced Recovery, Pre-Assessment

  • Dr E Makings, ITU

  • Dr R Martin, College Tutor, Clinical Lead Burns

  • Dr S Mehrotra, Locum Consultant

  • Dr V Mendis, Pain

  • Dr R Nair, Regional Anaesthesia

  • Dr D O’Hara, General, Pre-Assessment

  • Dr S Oakey, Burns

  • Dr L Ooi, Rota

  • Dr S Pal, General

  • Dr G Philpott, Obstetrics

  • Dr M Qamruddin, General

  • Dr N Randive, Head and Neck, Pre-Assessment

  • Dr E Reid, College Tutor

  • Dr K Rowe, ITU

  • Dr P Richardson, Joint Lead Acute Pain

  • Dr A Sen, Burns

  • Dr S Sothisrihali, Pre-Assessment

  • Dr S Thanthulage, Pain

  • Dr P Tilakaratna, Equipment

  • Dr Nina Walton, Governance

  • Dr A Watson, Paediatric Lead

  • Dr N Wilson, PMI

  • Dr C Wright, Pre Assessment


Contact details

Anaesthetic Department Theatres

East Wing Level 3

Telephone: 01245 514080

Pain Relief Centre: 01245 514461

General Intensive Care: (E226) 01245 514305

Burns Intensive Care: (E220) 01245 516037

Pre Assessment General: (A301) 01245 515032

Pre Assessment Plastics: (E121) 01245 516013


Useful links

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Association of Anaesthetists www.aagbi.org