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Breast Unit at Broomfield Hospital 

Due to the current COVID19 risk we have regrettably paused breast screening so our radiographers can support critical inpatient services.

If you have a booked appointment or are expecting an appointment please be aware that breast screening will not be taking place and you will receive another invitation in due course.

During this time staffing levels may be low, therefore there will be a delay getting through to the breast screening office.

In the meantime, if you have any changes in your breast or symptoms that are causing you concern, please contact your General Practitioner (GP).

If you’re experiencing symptoms that concern you please stay indoors, avoid contact with others and ring NHS 111 or go online to 111.nhs.uk for advice.

Breast Care Services team

An overview of the service

Our state of the art breast unit provides a variety of services to the local population. We have a well-established team of specialists who work within recognised guidelines for the management of breast disorders.

We diagnose and treat over 400 new breast cancers every year. 

We provide many services, breast symptomatic (referrals from GP), breast screening (women 50-73 for mammograms 3 yearly), screening assessment clinics, surgical results clinics, surgical follow up clinics, breast oncology clinics, breast prosthesis fitting, arm lymphoedema clinic, family history screening, genetics clinic, onco plastic service, breast care nurse support clinics.

Our team

We have a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, radiotherapists and nurses that meets weekly to discuss the results of investigations and surgery. They follow recognised national guidelines and local protocols to agree possible treatment choices. The results of the multidisciplinary team meetings are discussed with those patients concerned and a plan of action agreed jointly.

Lead Nurse
Carolyn Ollenbuttel

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Open Access Follow Up (OAFU)
Kieva Noble

Breast Care Sisters
Moira Gray (Senior Sister)
Emma Mitchell
Jessica Readhead
Vanessa Bell

Consultant Surgeons
Mr Simon Smith
Miss Sascha Dua
Miss Gill Clayton
Miss Tasha Gandamihardja

Consultant Oncologists
Dr Algurafi
Dr Sarkodie

Consultant Radiologists
Dr Roger Whitney
Dr Sanjay Kavia
Dr Thaj Rehman

Breast Unit Secretary
Ruth Goodwin

Breast Unit Admin co-ordinators
Tracey Driver
Karen Crouch

Breast Unit MDT co-ordinator
Sue Anderson


Oncologists and radiotherapists

After surgery some patients are referred to an oncologist, a doctor who specialises in cancer treatment. The oncologist will discuss with the patient whether additional treatment such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy or radiotherapy should be considered.


After breast surgery the tissue removed is sent to the pathologist who examines the specimen. Based upon their dissection and microscopic examination of the specimen, they are able to determine the tumour grade (how aggressive the cancer appears) and the stage (the size of the tumour and the extent to which it has already spread from the original site). The information that the pathologist provides assists the breast surgeon, oncologist and radiotherapist in choosing the best possible treatment for each patient.

Breast care nurses

Our breast care nurses work full time within the unit and provide holistic care and advice throughout the patient's 'cancer journey'. They are the first point of contact for patients should they have any problems during or after their treatment and are meet all patients at the time of diagnosis. Advice is given on treatments, alternatives and possible side effects.


Our breast unit is the base for both the symptomatic breast service and the breast screening service. Radiographers who work for these services have undergone a year's postgraduate training specialising in mammography (taking x-rays of the breast). They also train in the specialised areas of assessment mammography, assisting the radiologist in biopsy and pre-operative guide wire locations.

There are over 30 radiographers working within our breast unit & in Colchester Breast Unit, some of whom are extending their roles to become advanced practitioners. These radiographers will specialise in reading x-rays and performing breast ultrasound and carrying out breast biopsies.

Our treatments

We provide chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy for the treatment of breast cancer.


Not all patients need to have chemotherapy.  Your consultant will discuss the various options with you, give you time to ask questions and come to a decision. Information sheets are available about the specific drugs used for chemotherapy, how they are given and possible side effects. Our chemotherapy unit is situated on level 2, there is dedicated parking for those patients attending for chemotherapy.

Your consultant will arrange for your first appointment to be sent direct to you. The length of time you need to spend in the unit varies with the type of chemotherapy prescribed, but your first visit will take longer. The chemotherapy nurse will spend extra time with you in private explaining in detail the treatment you will be having, side effects that you might expect and the help available to overcome side effects.  There is plenty of time for questions and discussion and a friend or relative can accompany you. You will be given a selection of contact telephone numbers. If you have any worries or problems help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whilst having your chemotherapy treatment you will be in a large room sitting in a comfortable armchair, and a friend or relative can stay with you if you wish. The room is cool so it might help to wear layers of clothing; drinks are available. Our chemotherapy nurses will help you with any concerns you have about treatment and side effects. As you leave the unit you will be given an appointment for your next treatment.


Surgery for both symptomatic and screening patients is performed at the hospital by our specialist surgeons and their teams. All our operations are carried out in the Day Unit, most if our patients are daycase operations. Dates for surgery are agreed with the patient by telephone

A full range of reconstructive surgery and more complex reconstructions are performed at our St Andrew's Regional Plastics Unit here at Broomfield Hospital.


Radiotherapy can be given before or after surgery, or in combination with chemotherapy. It is a form of treatment using high energy x-rays or electrons and may be recommended for a patient as a course of treatment. These types of radiotherapy do not make you radioactive and you can safely mix with other people, including children, at any time. Your treatment will be planned and administered at the hospital by specially trained teams of radiotherapy radiographers and you will be given instructions, advice and information leaflets as necessary.

Contact details

Breast Unit, Location: A104

Telephone contact details


01245 513405

Breast Screening

01245 513233

Breast Care Nurses

01245 513551

Breast Unit Secretary

01245 513273

Times and dates of clinics 

Opening times

Monday - Friday 0800 - 1700

Monday am

Surgical results clinic, Oncology clinic, Screening assessment clinic, Breast Care Nurse clinic

Monday pm

Surgical results clinic, new patient clinic, Breast Care Nurse clinic

Tuesday am

Surgical results clinic, under 40 new patient clinic, breast care nurse clinic, breast screening

Tuesday pm

Oncology clinic, breast care nurse clinic, breast screening assessment clinic

Wednesday am

New patient clinic, oncology clinic, breast prosthesis clinic, breast care nurse clinic, cancer genetic clinic alternate weeks

Wednesday pm

Breast screening assessment clinic, breast care nurse clinic

Thursday am

New patient clinic, breast pain clinic, family history clinic, breast care nurse clinic, cancer genetic clinic last Thursday of month.

Thursday pm

Oncology clinic, arm lymphoedema clinic, breast care nurse clinic, breast screening, cancer genetic clinic last Thursday of month

Friday am

New patient clinic, surgical follow up clinic, breast care nurse clinic

Friday pm

Breast care nurse clinic, breast screening.

Support group third Wednesday of month at A104 Breast Unit, Broomfield Hospital  Chelmsford 1930 - 2030.

Your feedback

We really value any feedback as this helps us to continually improve our service.

Please let us know about yours or a relatives experience when visiting our breast unit.

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