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Chemotherapy Unit

The chemotherapy service is located on level 2 room A206. The unit is open Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00 hrs and is led by the Macmillan Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist. If you require chemotherapy as part of your cancer treatment your consultant will refer you to the chemotherapy team.

They will contact you by phone to book you into a pre-assessment appointment. At the pre-assessment appointment you will be encouraged to bring a family member or friend as you will be given lots of information regarding your diagnosis; treatment plan; emergency contact details; potential side effects and how to manage them. You will also be shown around the unit; introduced to the team and given your first treatment date.

Chemotherapy Day Unit contact details: 01245 514682 (Mon-Fri 0800 -18:00 hrs)

Macmillan Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist & Chemotherapy Unit Manager  01245 514575 (08:00-18:00 hrs)