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Welcome to the Angio Suite

Angio Suite Philosophy

As a unit we are COMMITTED to providing the best possible CARE for our patients in a COMPETENT and friendly environment

We promise to COMMUNICATE with our patients and their family/friends in a professional and COMPASSIONATE manner

The staff of this unit have the COURAGE to protect what is most important to us, the wellbeing, comfort and safety of our patients

Your consultant has recommended you attend the Cardiac Angiography Suite at Broomfield Hospital.
This web site is designed to give our patients an insight into the services provided from initial assessment right through to aftercare. It is in addition to the verbal and written information you will receive.  The information is for our patients and their family/carers.

The Service

The Angiography Suite essentially provides a cardiac diagnostic service.  We carryout Coronary Angiograms and insert Pacemakers and Reveal devices for both out-patients and in-patients as well as performing DC Cardioversions and Trans Oesophageal Echo Cardiograms (TOE’s) and Stress Echo Cardiograms.

We are open Monday to Friday between the hours of 07.30 to 19.30 (20.00 hrs on Tuesdays).  We are closed Saturdays and Sundays.

Our telephone number is 01245 514418.

When carrying out pacemaker insertions or coronary angiograms, x-ray equipment is used, which emits very small doses of radiation.  The staff are required to wear protective clothing (jackets and aprons) due to the amount of time spent by staff in this environment.  Theatre blues, gowns and specialised footwear are worn for infection prevention reasons.

As a unit we uphold the single sex policy.  However due to the nature of our work it is not always possible to hold separate lists for males and females.  In the event of mixed lists, every effort is made to keep males and females as separate as possible.  If there are any concerns in this regard, please raise this with the nurse at your pre assessment.  

We have a team of three Consultants, Dr Clesham, Dr Gamma and Doctor Coles, 3 Specialist Registrars, a Senior Sister, three Junior  Sisters and 4 nurses, 1 Associate Practitioner and 1 level three Health Care Support Worker.  During the procedure you will meet Cardiac Physiologists, Radiographers and Specialist Nurses during the recovery period.

Very effort is taken to make our patients feel welcome. We endeavour to provide a friendly atmosphere yet maintain our professionalism and give all our patients and their family/carers full information whilst maintaining privacy.  We care about your comfort and dignity.  All we ask in return is that we are treated with respect – we do not tolerate verbal or physical abuse.

Our Consultant Cardiologists

Dr. Gerald Clesham

Dr. Reto Gamma

Dr Duncan Robert Coles 


The Cardiac Rehabilitation Team

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Team consists of highly qualified specialist nurses.  They give patients undergoing angiograms advice on health education (including excellent advice on smoking cessation), information of how, when and where any recommended procedures will take place and offer comprehensive post procedure rehabilitation.  We work closely with the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team and they provide an excellent service to our patients undergoing angiograms.

How to find us

Directions to the Angiography Suite, Cardiac Department

Enter the hospital via Main Entrance; turn right and pass the two statues in main reception (do not use the first set of lifts as this will result in a long walk).  Follow the atrium round keeping on the left hand side of the walkway.  You will pass public rest rooms on your left hand side.  Continue to 111 Outpatient D, take this set of lifts to level 2.  On exiting the lift turn right and you have reached A210 ‘The Cardiac Centre’.  Report to reception inside the doorway, on the left hand side.

To be collected following your procedure
The nursing staff will contact your relative/friend an hour before you are ready for discharge. (In the case of Stress Echoes you will be able to leave as soon as we are able to contact the person taking you home).
They are advised to turn left on the roundabout, (first exit) and continue passed the main hospital entrance.  After the multi storey car park there is a right turn.  Take this turning and park close to the Chemotherapy Day Unit and Assessment Unit.  LEAVE YOUR HAZARD LIGHTS ON.  Enter through this outer doorway, follow the corridor and turn left.  Follow the walk way until you reach A210 ‘The Cardiac Dept’.  Report to reception and a nurse will escort your relative out to you.

Pre Assessments

All outpatients undergoing Coronary Angiograms, Pacemaker insertions and DC Cardio versions will be seen in Pre Assessment Clinic by a qualified RGN (a member of the Angio Team) and, in the case of pacemakers, a Senior Cardiac Physiologist. Other procedures do not require pre assessment at the hospital.  This gives us the opportunity to assess the individual needs of our patients and gives our patients the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.  The patients are allocated 30 minutes. (Although we love to chat to our patients, please remember we have a tight schedule to adhere to and have a lot to do in the allocated time.  We do our best not to keep our patients waiting).

Infection Control in the Angiography Suite

The nurses in the Angiography Suite are very proud of our infection prevention results.  We have NO recorded MRSA infections and NO recorded wound infections for Angiograms.  Four infected pacemaker sites have been report in a ten year period, (as of Oct 2013).

All patients who attend pre-assessment are routinely swabbed for MRSA and given a body wash (Octenisan) as a precaution.  If a patient has a history of MRSA or the swabs prove positive, they are treated prior to admission.  The unit follows the hospital’s stringent MRSA prevention policy.

Every care is taken to scrupulously follow the hospital’s infection control policies and we take great pride in the cleanliness and neat appearance of our Unit.

Should you have any concerns or queries regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us, or indeed speak to any of the nurses during your assessment or on the day of your procedure.

If you are not absolutely sure, YOU MUST ask the nursing staff to wash their hands prior to having any contact.
We believe you will be very satisfied with all aspects of cleanliness in our area.  If you have any concerns or are not satisfied with any aspect of cleanliness in the department, please inform the staff immediately.
Broomfield hospital is a totally non-smoking environment inside the building and the grounds.  We respectfully ask smokers to observe this ruling.  For advice on quitting, contact your GP or the NHS smoking helpline free on 0800 1690169