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Dexa Scanning Services


The dexa scanning service runs 5 days per week there are 3 members of staff


Maureen Watson RN Osteoporosis / Dexa specialist nurse

Sharron Smith RN  Fracture Liaison / Dexa specialist nurse


Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (Dexa) is performed to diagnose Osteoporosis and to measure the effect of treatment given, it is a non-invasive procedure which involves scanning

 Hip and lumbar spine, it is approximately one twelfth the radiation needed for a chest X-ray. It is quick, very safe and accurate, patients are sent an explanatory leaflet prior to the scan, there is no

preparation needed beforehand. All patients are given advice regarding diet, exercise lifestyle and possible treatments available to maintain bone density and strength. The scans are analysed at the

End of the clinic session and the results are sent to the referring GP or clinician.


In 2010 we began a fracture liaison service, every one between the ages of 50-75years who has a fracture caused by a minor slip trip of fall less than head height are offered a Dexa scan

Referral as outpatients once their fracture has healed.

The 2 nurses also visit the Orthopaedic wards to ensure all inpatients are assessed and are either referred for adexa scan or are put onto bone protection therapy if they are over 80 years and

have other conditions that would put them at an increased risk of Osteoporosis,

We scan approximately 1,300 patients per year.


The Dexa scanner is situated in A111 Behind Fracture Clinic,

Telephone No 01245 51 4106 / 01245 51 6810